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The Princess & the Pea

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Once upon a time there lived a handsome Prince Jake.He liked playing and singingand liked eating cake.
One day,his mum told him to sort out his life. "My son,"said Queen Bella,"we must find you a wife!"
So,day after day,the Queen asked to tea all the princesses for her son to see.
"I don"t want to marry any of them!"declared Prince Jake."I want to marry a real princess,and these are all fake!"
"Oh dear,"said Queen Bella,"What shall I do?I simply must find the right wife for you!"

So,the Prince and the Queen thought of a test.They made a bed on which the princess could rest.
Said the Prince,"if she can not feel this one little pea.She is no real princess and no pride to be!"
One stormy night,there was a knock at the door.A young lady stood there,wet,tired and footsore.
"You poor young thing!"Queen Bella said."Come in and rest your weary head!"
"Did you sleep well?"asked the Prince Jake the next day."No!"she said,"and my name is Fizz by the way."
"Oh dear.what was wrong?"asked the Prince in a tizz."There was a terrible bump in the bed,"replied Fizz.
"I just couldn"t sleep a wink all night long.I tossed and I turned, but the bed felt all wrong."
"Oh this princess is no fake!"cried Prince Jake.
"Only a real princess could feel one little pea! oh please,Pincess Fizz,will you marry me?"
So,after a feast of joy and great laughter.They lived,we are told,happily ever after!

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