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1. 24/7



My little sister irritates me 24/7!



2. A short fuse



Jamie is known for his short fuse; just a few days ago he screamed at his coach for not letting him play.



3. A taste of your own medicine



After constantly being prank-called, Julian decided to give Juan a taste of his own medicine and ordered twenty-seven pizzas to be delivered to Juan’s house.



4. Butterflies in my stomach



Liam had butterflies in his stomach before he went on stage to play the violin.



5. By the skin of your teeth



Lester made the dance team by the skin of his teeth; you can tell he hasn't been dancing jazz for very long.



6. Cat got your tongue?



I just saw you kissing my boyfriend. What’s the matter? Cat got your tongue?



7. Crying wolf



You have cried wolf so many times that no one believes you when you're really hurt.



8. Cut someone some slack



Hey. Cut me some slack. I was really busy with my frog hunting business last week and forgot to call. I'm sorry!



9. Down for the count



No, you can’t take my dog for a walk – she’s down for the count after chasing cats all day.



10. In the fast lane



When Curtis turned forty, he decided he needed to live life in the fast lane, so he quit his job as a dentist and decided to tour Europe by motorcycle.


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