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Get off on something



He's really getting off on jazz these days.



Do you get off on cult movies?




Get one's act together



I wish Mary would get her act together.



Yes, I got my act together and found a new job.



Get one's lumps



She got her lumps for disobeying her parents.



I shouldn't have done that. Now I'm getting my lumps.



Get one's nose out of joint



He got his nose out of joint about the new employee.



Don't get your nose out of joint. It's not that bad!



Get one's teeth into something



I'm getting my teeth into the new project at work.



I think you are going to get your teeth into this book.



Get on someone's case



Stop getting on my case about homework.



My boss is getting on my case about the project.



Get out of my face



Get out of my face! I'm going to do it!



She told him to get out of her face.




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