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2018-12-28    ????:????????    ?? ??     

What is the most ridiculous thing someone has ever tried to convince you to believe?

????9.7k????????°?@Alok Moghe

I had renewed my internet connection as it had expired a day back but it wasn't started yet. So I called up my internet service provider. He tried to convince me this:
"Just as water takes time to reach the tap after the pipeline hasn't been used for a day or two, it would take few hours for internet to reach through the LAN cable as the air in has to move out first. Don't worry It would come fast as the line was serviced few days back."

????2.9k????????°?@Shivang Agarwal

That Windows is trying to find a solution to the problem just occurred.

????2.7k????????°?@Garrick Saito

That "your call is very important to us. Please stay on the line and a customer service representative will be with you shortly."
Really? If my call is so important to you, why have you kept me on hold for the last 30 fricking minutes? If my call is so important, shouldn't you be hiring more staff or doing something about high frequency call hours so that you don't shamelessly waste my valuable time?
Please just tell me the truth. "We'll get to you when we get to you."

????2.5k????????°?@Nishith Rastogi

Me: My internet isn't working.
My ISP's (MTNL) Customer Care: Did you try restarting the modem.
Me: Yes.
CustCare : Are you using Internet Explorer.
Me: No.
CustCare: You must, else it won't work.

Me: Ok, it is still not working.
CustCare: You must have a virus.
Me: Instead of mentioning I am on Linux, I said, I just ran a scan.


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