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Few countries can garner as much funny news in a single year as Russia, which could very well be the Florida of Europe. This was exemplified when a Russian branch of the Domino's pizza company sorely underestimated their consumers when they released a free pizza for life promotion on Aug. 31.

The offer promised 100 free pizzas yearly for 100 years to anyone who got the company's logo tattooed on their body. Domino's was ultimately forced to end the promotion early because too many people took them up on their offer.

The offer proved too simple a challenge for Russians, as the promise of free pizza for life could be achieved in just three steps.

First, Domino's fans were required to get a tattoo of the company's logo “in a prominent place.” Then, that participant was to post a picture of the tattoo on Instagram, Facebook, or VKontakte (Russia's version of Facebook), along with the hashtag that roughly translates to “#dominance.” Finally, the participant could go to any Domino's location to receive their official free pizza certificate:

The promotion was initially intended to run for two months, through Oct. 31. But after just five days, more than 300 posts of tattoos with the promotional hashtag went up on Instagram alone. Domino's was subsequently forced to shut the operation down as profit losses posed a very legitimate threat.

Some participants took extreme creative liberties with their respective Domino's Pizza tattoos:


The company seemed to believe that only a few people would be crazy enough to get tattoos of their logo for free food. Perhaps Domino's simply underestimated just how good their pizza really is. Meanwhile, tattoo shops all over Russia probably reaped some benefits from this deal.

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