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I'm not very good in words so I have to put it all in black and white.

Mr. Barnett and all the guests of honour,

I am honoured to have been made CASH Ambassador. Music is a very important part in any culture and I am sure all of us here will agree that we must keep our culture alive and thriving. This is particularly important for a place like Hong Kong, where most people are busy working for money and fame, culture will help us maintain a balance of lives.

Because of this belief, I, who have not been properly trained in music, have for years been trying my best to promote music, not just by singing and performing, but also by creating tunes and writing lyrics for songs. I enjoy doing this and I think that, in a small way, I am contributing to the music and the culture of Hong Kong. I also believe that it is important for artists to be creative and so I have been working hard to create new ways of entertaining and even setting new trends.

My recent concerts which have been described as controversial are examples of my efforts in this direction. They have attracted many favourable comments as well as some criticisms. I think that is fine and I will continue to be creative. I know all of you will approve and do the same. Thank you!

Last but not the least, music is our profession and our livelihood and the works we have created should be protected from piracy. Unfortunately, advanced information technology has helped aggravate this situation, causing many problems and threatening the livelihood of many artists. I wish to use this opportunity to call upon all the artists to unite in a campaign against piracy. In fact, I consider this one of the most important missions for the CASH Ambassador and I will dedicate my effort to this.

Thank you very much!

Leslie Cheung

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