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Trial ?ó??

1.A case is only authority for what it actually decides.

2.A judgment msut be impartial.

3.All legal systems have a rule that a judicial determination of a case is final.

4.Before trial the defendant may move to dismiss the case on the ground that the facts alleged do not constitute a crime.

5.Do not wait for the last judgment, it takes place everyday.

6.He was acquitted of the crime.

7.He was committed for trial in the Central Criminal Court.

8.He was sentenced to five years, but should serve only three with remission.

9.He was sentenced to two periods of years in prison, the sentences to run concurrently.

10.He was tried for murder and sentenced to life imprisonment.

11.Judgment was entered for the plaintiff.

12.Now the court is in session.

13.Order in the court.

14.She was awarded substantial damages.

15.The adjudicator has to decide impartially between the two parties.

16.The case is listed to heard next week.

17.The clerk to the justices read out the indictment.

18.The case has been stood over to next week.

19.The court adjourned for a ten-minute break.

20.The hearing proceeded after the protesters were removed from the courtroom.

21.The hearings were held in camera.

22.The hearing was held up while counsel argued over procedural problems.

23.The offence carries a maximum sentence of two year's imprisonment.

24.The power to hear cases is called jurisdiction.

25.The trial lasted six days.

26.The trial took place in the absence of the defendant.

27.The clerk of the court read out the charges.

28.The objective of the pre-trial hearing is to shorten the actual trial time without infringing upon the rights of either party.

29.They all stood up when the judges entered the courtroom.

30.To give him a fair and impartial hearing is of great importance.

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